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Diamond Core Drill Safety

  • First check the diamond core drill is suitable for the material being drilled
  • Check the shaft is clean and clear and has no excessive play when fitting the core drill and adaptors
  • Make sure the chuck is tightened before drilling
  • Use at least 850 watt percussion drill fitting with a clutch for safety
  • Use a dry diamond core drilling machine at between 900 and 1300rpm
  • Harder the material and larger diameter of core the slower the speed (adjust rpm)
  • Softer the material and smaller diameter of core the faster the speed (adjust rpm)
  • Pilot drill the wall first will a 13mm masonry drill and the follow through with the diamond core drill with s smooth
  • guide rod or a tapered guide drill in a similar manner
  • Make sure that the debris is cleared at regular intervals otherwise this can cause jamming, over heating, extensive
  • clutch wear and possible damaged core drills
  • Hammer action must NOT be used when diamond core drilling
  • DON`T Force the core drill let it do the work
  • If the core drill slows during drilling, check the speed is correct for the material and drill diameter then Re-dress by
  • drilling an abrasive material
  • When wet drilling make sure the rig is mounted securely and ensure there is not excess play on the rig. Ensure there
  • is a consistent supply of water
  • Always wear safety equipment including head, ear and eye protection, gloves and safety footwear