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Diamond Blade Safety And Recommended Speed

  • First check the blade is suitable for the material being cut
  • Check the blade shaft is clean and clear and not worn, grooved or damaged
  • Check the wheel bearing and shaft are in good condition
  • Check the blade fits tightly on shaft and is mounted correctly for the direction of cut
  • Follow the machine manufactures recommended pulley sizes and operating speeds for the correct diameter of blade
  • Inspect the blade daily before and after usage for excessive wear or signs of damage segments, core and centre bore
  • DON`T Force the blade onto the shaft or mount the blade on an undersized shaft
  • DON`T Force the blade into material being cut, allow the blade to cut at its own speed
  • If the blade struggles to cut the specified material Re-dress the blade by running through an abrasive material
  • DON`T let the blade over heat when dry cutting, allow it to cool down before reuse
  • Ensure the blade has an adequate supply of water both sides of the blade whilst wet cutting
  • Always wear safety equipment including head, ear and eye protection, gloves and safety footwear