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Dry Diamond Core Drills

Black Diamond BB Range of Laser Welded Dry Diamond Core Drills

Hi-Quality 10mm Segment Height. Laser Welded for strength & universal drilling. 1/2" BSP Female thread takes Black Diamond dry core accessories, Slotted barrel for dust clearance.

Material: standard house bricks, concrete blocks, breeze blocks, hand made bricks, building blocks & york stone.

Dry Diamond Core Drills - Turbo

Black Diamond HTD Range of Laser Welded Turbo Dry Diamond Core Drills

Hi-Quality 10mm Segment Height fast drilling, laser welded for strength & universal drilling.1/2" BSP Female thread takes Black Diamond dry core drill adaptors and accessories.

Materials: Class A Engineering Bricks, Clay Products, Class B Engineering Bricks, Slabs, Kerbs, Pipes and beams, York Stone, Dense Concrete Blocks, Concrete Paviors, General Facing Bricks, Hand Made Bricks, Light Concrete Blocks.

Dry Core Drill Adaptors & Accessories

Black Diamond Range of Dry Diamond Core Drill Adaptors and Accessories

A full Range of Extension Bars and SDS Drill Fittings

Browse our dry diamond core drills and adaptors in various sizes ranging from 22mm to 200mm. Diamond core drills from Black Diamond are robust and built to last under high-pressure applications. Ensure the diamond core drill is suitable for the application you intend to use it for (material drilled and machine used for drilling- check individual product description). When using our diamond core drills, first use a tungsten tipped bit to make the pilot hole and when direction of hole is imperative use the tungsten tipped bit to follow through to the entire depth before using the diamond core drill. Assemble the correct adapter, guide rod and diamond core drill and then insert into chuck of drill machine. Then make sure the chuck is tightened as much as possible. Ensure you are comfortable and secure before beginning. Put the guide into your pre-drilled pilot hole and start the machine. Slowly introduce the core drill to the material in a gentle motion. Make sure the machine is held rigidly to avoid deviation from the correct direction of drilling. As you drill, make sure there is no debris blocking the hole, which can cause jamming.  Equally important is to check for glazing on the segment or stress cracks on the barrel. When removing the core material from the diamond core drill, point the core drill downwards. If the material does not fall out then remove the adapter and insert a rod through the fitting and gently tap to remove.