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General Purpose Diamond Blades

Black Diamond BP General Purpose Diamond Saw Blades. An extremely popular range of high quality general purpose diamond saw blades that provide excellent value for money and reliable performance.

Material: Concrete Paviors, Concrete Slabs, Concrete Roof Tiles, Bricks & Blocks, Light Reinforced concrete, York Stone.

Sizes: 105mm 115mm, 125mm, 230mm, 300mm, 350mm

Hard Materials Diamond Blades

Black Diamond MC Range 5 in 1 Steel Diamond Saw Blade. A top quality, extremely fast cutting blade. 5 in 1 Blade renowned for its ability to cut a wide range of materials from steel and Indian Stone to reinforced concrete and building materials. The 5 in 1 is the ideal choice for all levels of users.

Material: Steel, Marble, Slate, Indian Sandstone, Granite, Class A Engineering bricks, Clay, Concrete Products, Reinforced Concrete, Slabs, Kerbs, Pipes & Beams.

Sizes: 115mm, 125mm 150mm, 230mm, 300mm, 350mm

Hard Concrete Diamond Blades

Black Diamond FSC Range of Concrete Diamond Saw Blades. The FSC is a premium laser welded concrete blade that offers great performance on all types of reinforced concrete.

Materials: Flint Aggregate Concrete, Class B Engineering Bricks, Hard Reinforced Concrete, Cured concrete, Medium Reinforced Concrete,  Flag Stones, Paviors, Roof tiles, Facing bricks.

Sizes: 115mm, 125mm, 230mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm

All In One Diamond Blades

Black Diamond HC Range of Diamond Saw Blades. The range of materials this blade cuts is endless due to a mix of three different segment types. Suitable for abrasive and hard materials to save the user from changing blades. Top Seller.

Material: Engineering Bricks, Clay Products, Flint Aggregate Concrete, Hard reinforced concrete, Slabs, Kerbs, Pipes, Beams, Concrete Flag Stones, York Stone, Paviors, General Facing Bricks, Roof TIles, Green Concrete, Cement Screed, Abrasive Sandstone, Gritstone, Hot Rolled Asphalt, Asphalt Over Concrete.

Sizes: 300mm, 350mm 450mm


Asphalt & Abrasive Diamond Blades

Black Diamond SSCA Range of Asphalt & Abrasive Diamond Saw Blades. This Laser Welded Asphalt diamond blade features undercut Protection segments for safety and to provide enhanced lifespan when cutting Abrasive Materials, they also have wide gaps between the teeth to prevent clogging.

Material: Asphalt of all aggregate types, tarmac, sandstone, limestone, breeze blocks, ashpalt over steel reinforced concrete and abrasive

Sizes: 230mm, 300mm, 350mm, 450mm

Universal Evo Fast Cutting Diamond Blades

Black Diamond M10 Evo Range of Universal Diamond Saw Blades An aggressive super fast cutting Laser Welded diamond blade cuts a wide range of building materials, Designed to cut very hard reinforced concrete fast, The arrow segments, slanted keyhole design & cooling holes all combine to ensure incredibly fast cutting.

Materials: Indian Sandstone, Granite, Engineering Bricks, Clay, Flint Aggregate concrete, Engineering Bricks, Hard Reinforced Concrete, Concrete, Slabs, Kerbs, Flag stones,York stone, Paviors

Sizes: 230mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 600mm

Multi Purpose Diamond Blades

Black Diamond MPT Range of Diamond Saw Blades.A excellent range of multi purpose continuous rim Turbo multi purpose diamond blade with cooling holes that enables use across a wide range of construction and building materials.

Material: Engineering brick, clay products, reinforced concrete, general purpose concrete products, york stone, concrete pavious, general facing bricks, hand made bricks, concrete roof tiles & dense concrete blocks.

Sizes: 230mm, 300mm

Curve Cutting Diamond Blades

A saucer shaped diamond saw blade which can cut a curve in hard materials

Sizes: 115mm, 125mm

Ring Saw Diamond Blades

High Quality Laser Welded Diamond Ring Saw Blades

Sizes: 350mm



Hard Materials - Turbo

Black Diamond range of hi-quality laser welded specialist diamond saw blades for angle grinders, petrol cut off saw & sthil saws, bench saws, floor saws and tile machines Black Diamond Cutting blades, diamond blades and discs for cutting most general construction materials in the building industry Buy our quality diamond blades from a unique collection that black diamond have put together  - from the general purpose diamond blades, concrete laser welded diamond blades and superior asphalt laser welded diamond blades  Here at black diamond blades our blades are used for cutting a full range of building materials - For contractors and construction industry personnel, Black Diamond International have a diamond saw blade for every purpose.