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The DRB blade is a vacuum brazed diamond blade that is suitable for cutting a wide range of materials such as: Wood, Plastic, Steel Sections, Sheet Metal, Aluminium, copper, rubber, cast iron, bricks, blocks, regular building materials and cement based fibre board.


Browse the Black Diamond range of Porcelain tile Diamond Drill Bits and accessories. Black Diamond's diamond drill bits are of the highest quality and are built to last in various situations such as wet drilling porcelain tiles. The accessories are designed to aid drilling hard tiles and make your job easier. In this category you will find drill bits, kits and accessories.

Diamond Core Drill Kits

Black Diamond Range of Diamond Core Drill set Kits

Choose from either the (Slotted BBKIT) or (Solid barrel Turbo HTDKIT)


A comprehensive range of diamond core drills and accessories for wet diamond core drilling through a number of materials. We provide both male and female wet diamond drills, as well as core bit accessories.

Ensure you choose the correct drill for your application and check if the drill is suitable for hand-held drilling or a rig stand.

Our drills vary in their application and are designed for use on hard to soft concrete, light reinforced concrete, stone, asphalt and abrasive. We laser weld our drills to ensure they are as strong as possible and perform under intense pressure. 


Browse our dry diamond core drills and adaptors in various sizes ranging from 22mm to 200mm.

Diamond core drills from Black Diamond are robust and built to last under high-pressure applications. Ensure the diamond core drill is suitable for the application you intend to use it for (material drilled and machine used for drilling- check individual product description).

When using our diamond core drills, first use a tungsten tipped bit to make the pilot hole and when direction of hole is imperative use the tungsten tipped bit to follow through to the entire depth before using the diamond core drill. Assemble the correct adapter, guide rod and diamond core drill and then insert into chuck of drill machine. Then make sure the chuck is tightened as much as possible.

Ensure you are comfortable and secure before beginning. Put the guide into your pre-drilled pilot hole and start the machine. Slowly introduce the core drill to the material in a gentle motion. Make sure the machine is held rigidly to avoid deviation from the correct direction of drilling. As you drill, make sure there is no debris blocking the hole, which can cause jamming. 

Equally important is to check for glazing on the segment or stress cracks on the barrel. When removing the core material from the diamond core drill, point the core drill downwards. If the material does not fall out then remove the adapter and insert a rod through the fitting and gently tap to remove.


Black Diamond RPB Range of  Ripper Blade

A great all round ripper blade to own, used in angle grinders and petrol cutters, for cutting the materials a diamond blade cant like thick tree roots, made up of carbide clusters and a silent center steel body. Ripper blades are known for their ability to appear still, whilst cutting through highly resistant material. They are also quieter than many material used and have reduced vibration. Ripper blades are popular with tree surgeons, roofing contractors, sheet metal workers and agricultural contracts amongst many more. 

Material: Tree Roots, soil, groundworks, railway sleepers, wood boards & planks, fence panels, thin metal sheets, decking, flat roofs, nails, screws, flashing, rubber, tyres, plastic & abrasive blocks and many other materials.


An excellent range of hi-quality diamond cup wheels and diamond grinding heads for angle grinders and diamond concrete floor preparation grinding machines. These cup wheels are created for fast grinding and finishing of concrete and granite in both wet and dry conditions. 

Materials: General Concrete, adhesive removal, re-profiling of concrete floors, coating removal and polishing of marble, terrazzo & stone


250mm diamond grinding plates, 10 segments, 16 segments, 20 segments, floor grinding plate, Diamond floor grinding plates, 250x10 250x16 250 x20, twin header rpm floor grinding machines, diamond floor grinders, diamond Surface Preparation, Alpha PD23, FTR 410 Sander Grinder, ALPHA Diamond Grinder, OMEGA Diamond Grinder, DELTA 2 Diamond Grinder, ORBITER Diamond Grinder, OMEGA 450 Diamond Grinder, Omega 700, SPE diamond, SPS grinding, Blastrac diamond


An excellent range of high quality, low priced Black Diamond Mortar raking blades. They make light work of raking out hardened mortar joints quickly and efficiently Perfect for Repointing Hard Mortar. Our customers use our mortar raking diamond blades because of the fast efficient solutions they offer when raking both soft (abrasive) and hard mortar types.

We are proud to stock innovative dual cut rakes which are highly cost effective and time efficient. Our mortar rakes have laser welded segments for durability. These are available in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm as well as 10mm.

Now available in 2 different bodys for value and quality, different widths and diameters to suit most angle grinders.



Browse through our diamond tile blades and find one to meet your exact needs. We have an excellent range of diamond cutting tile blades, in various sizes for angle grinders and tile machines, with a choice of bore sizes available.

Our diamond tile blades are ideal for porcelain, which is very hard and needs such a blade to handle its composition. When dealing with a job such as cutting tiles throughout an entire day for a bathroom or kitchen, these blades will hold up to the pressure.

We pride ourselves on the fact that these blades ensure a minimized risk of chipping the glaze on tiles during the cutting process.

These blades are suitable for cutting a range of tile materials including porcelain, marble, ceramic, granite, glazed slate, general tiles and quarry tiles. 


Black Diamond range of hi-quality laser welded specialist diamond saw blades for angle grinders, petrol cut off saw & sthil saws, bench saws, floor saws and tile machines

Black Diamond Cutting blades, diamond blades and discs for cutting most general construction materials in the building industry

Buy our quality diamond blades from a unique collection that black diamond have put together  - from the general purpose diamond blades, concrete laser welded diamond blades and superior asphalt laser welded diamond blades 

Here at black diamond blades our blades are used for cutting a full range of building materials -

For contractors and construction industry personnel, Black Diamond International have a diamond saw blade for every purpose.

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